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The process for activating a new route is as follows. This includes the process for a payment route that is not yet integrated with Bango.

  1. Activation request (through Bango Grid or your Bango Account Manager)
  2. Review technical documents and route requirements (see Bango Grid)
  3. Complete Bango configuration
  4. Test activation including end-to-end and transaction testing
  5. Confirmation of the settlement process for funds to be sent to post launch
  6. Launch

Potential reasons for deactivating a route:

  • Short term suspension (e.g. due to problems at the payment provider)
  • Long term - withdrawal from service at the payment provider
  • Long term - regulatory barriers imposed that prevents the service
  • Long term - commercial changes at the payment provider that prevent the connected route remaining profitable (such as imposing minimum transaction value or increasing revenue shares)
  • Financial implications for deactivated routes will be that there will be no revenue continuing to flow through that route
    • The payment provider is obliged to pay for the transactions up until they discontinue the service. Due to the existing payment cycles with the payment provider you will receive funds relating to previous months up to 3 months after the closure of a payment route