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Bango Dashboard provides live insights for all payments processed with the Bango Platform for each payment provider. It provides you important details on all payment started, successfully completed, cancelled, rejected or refunded. Bango Dashboard is at or accessed by Bango Grid. You can set up a Bango Dashboard administrator that can provide access to your dashboard to anybody they designate. 

Bango Dashboard reports

The following data is available in Bango Dashboard:

  • User spend
  • Number of users
  • Number of attempted payments / payment started
  • Successfully completed payments
  • Number of cancelled payments
  • Number of rejected payments
  • Number of payment errors
  • Number of refunds
  • The products sold
  • The overall conversion rate

Reports can be:

  • Exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF
  • Easily compared with a fixed scale
  • Displayed in side by side windows for easy comparison

Bango Dashboard helps you learn: 

  • Top selling products and trends
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Popular price points
  • Purchase details, including the number of:
    • payments, cancellations, errors and refunds
  • The most successful products
  • Subscriber behavior
  • To identify and eliminate payment failures
  • New and repeat customers
  • Results by day, week, month and beyond
  • Sales across different days, weeks or months
  • Analyze carrier billed sales across all operators
  • Peak sales periods to optimize marketing