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Bango Grid is the way you manage your interactions with Bango and the Bango Platform across all payment providers (including Mobile Network Operators).

To get Grid Bango access

Contact and ask for Bango Grid access.
This will be available once you begin your integration process (after commercial agreements, etc.)

Bango Grid Permissions

Bango Grid supports various level of user permissions allowing maintenance by those that need it, or view only access for others.
The Bango customer care team will ensure that access levels are relevant for you and your team members.

Bango Grid Lists

Bango Grid allows Bango to define lists of payment routes to aid focus and finding of certain sets of information needed by you.

Future releases will allow you to create and maintain your own lists.

Browsing Payment Routes

Bango Grid is used to view an extensive library of almost 800 payment routes, highlighting those activated for you and those that are already integrated with the Bango Platform.

Document access

Bango Grid provides secure access to documents relating to routes or to your use of the routes.

Bango Grid will also soon be able to provide access to invoices and settlement reports associated with your use of the Bango Platform.


Your feedback is always welcome. Please email You can also suggest changes to information in Bango Grid by clicking on "suggest changes" on information pages. 

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