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Bango is the market leader in app store carrier billing, with more live activations across the major app stores than any other carrier billing provider.

The Bango Platform includes
  • Bango API for merchant integration
  • Bango Grid
  • Bango Dashboard
  • Bango Boost
  • Bango Care
  • Bango 24/7
Bango Platform

A cloud-based platform approach delivers app store quality performance with massive economies of scale. Bango Platform technology is shared across the industry by major app stores and brands. It automatically routes payments and distributes load globally ensuring maximum payment performance and highest reliability the minimum cost.

For more information, see Bango Platform technical guide.

Bango Grid

Bango Grid is a unique capability that gets app stores live quickly and securely, reducing launch costs and getting to customers and revenue faster. Bango Grid combines industry expertise with statistics and analysis from the Bango Platform, Bango Dashboard and Bango Boost to centrally communicate insights, news and status of your carrier billing business through one ground-breaking tool.

For more information, see Bango Grid

Bango Dashboard

An online analytics tool for app stores and operators providing a unified view of carrier billing performance. Understand customers, the content they are buying and how much they are spending. Access data in real-time across a number of reports to monitor performance and gain unique insights to optimize marketing strategies and deliver maximum carrier billing growth.

For more information, see Bango Dashboard

Bango Care

Quickly and efficiently manage customer enquiries. Bango Care gives you a quick and easy way for your customer care team to look up a customer’s transaction history and answer their questions. Ensuring you efficiently deliver the best response every time. Bango spend management enables per-customer spend profiles to be set. Separate pre and post pay customers and set spend tiers that allow your best customers to spend more while controlling new and higher risk customers.

For more information, see Customer Care

Bango Boost

Bango Boost ensures the maximum number of paying customers are reached, grows customer spend and identifies loyal customers. It analyzes and compares carrier billing routes quickly identifying issues and room for improvement. Clear guidance is delivered on how app stores and operators get the highest return from their carrier billing.

Bango 24/7

Bango technology actively monitors all payment routes, systems and networks, rapidly alerting experienced Bango staff in our Platform Operations Center to any potential issues, allowing early investigation and fast resolution.

For more information, see Performance and Service Levels

Product roadmap

The product roadmap is built around these core focused products and technologies, providing a long term vision with milestones for incremental functionality value to be added over time.

The 2016 roadmap focus has been around deploying our latest and greatest store and merchant API (v5) as well as providing extra value in the 'face of Bango' products, leveraging feedback from our super users whilst ensuring the product vision and promise is met.