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All financial transactions are recorded by Bango to support your financial reporting.

Time zones
Merchant Timezone

For financial purposes you need to ensure that you have defined your Merchant Timezone, which will be used to ensure that Bango treats your transactions allocated to the specific days or months that match your reporting periods.

NOTE: The recommended timezone is UTC.

Payment Route Timezone

Each payment route will have a Payment Route Timezone that is defined by the payment provider, and is often linked to a country timezone. This timezone may be used to define cash settlement periods by a payment provider.


For indications of financial performance, use the Bango Dashboard.

The following transaction reports are provided for each active payment route

  • Monthly Transaction Report
  • Monthly Settlement Report (if Bango is performing settlement from the Payment route)
Transaction Report Content and Format

An example transaction report, showing content and format, can be provided by Bango on request.


Refunds that are processed through the Bango system will be shown in the transactional reports.

Refunds of Chargebacks that are processed outside the system are not shown.

Any settlements processed by Bango from the payment provider will be net of the refunds and therefore reporting to you will match the remittance.