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The performance of the Bango Platform

The Bango Platform is designed for low latency and minimum network round trips.

The platform will take no longer than 1s to respond to any standard API request. 

The platform will take no longer than 2s to perform any proxy operation involving handover to a third party and handling the third party response (not including third party time). 

How the performance is measured

Bango's service management strategy is based on a real time proactive monitoring of services that allow Bango's support team to understand how services are performing and identifying potential areas of risk.

Bango monitors its own environment, physical and network infrastructure, together with Bango products and the individual systems operating in the infrastructure. 

Every process step, whether it's for identification or for billing or any other need, is logged for detailed analysis. The time taken for all functions within the platform is monitored on a real-time basis to detect any deviations from expected performance.

How the payment providers are monitored and measured

Bango monitors the performance of the connections to payment providers (and store or any other external connection) including the API call responses, latency, user identification rate and conversion rate. The interfaces to payment providers are monitored by the Bango 24/7 automation system and platform operations centre team.

How you are monitored by Bango

Bango automatically monitors the transactions requested by you to Bango. Checking for expected behaviour and having alert triggers configured to automatically log tickets in our ticketing system for failures as well as using trend analysis to notify of problems before they might occur.

What Bango will do when it identifies problems

The Bango Platform operations centre team is available 24/7 and will contact you following the standard and agreed support process.