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Bango provides an optional Bango settlement service that can be used for all transactions that are processed through the Bango Platform.

If you don't choose Bango settlement, then you will receive the funds from the payment provider directly and Bango will invoice you monthly for the use of the Bango platform and any extra third party costs.

Choice of settlement

Bango can settle directly to your bank account, or can provide settlement to your suppliers (developers or publishers if you are a store). 

Settlement reporting

Bango will provide remittance reports/ earnings summaries to accompany all payments made to you. 

Method of settlement

Bango will settle using bank wire transfer at the beginning of each month.

The frequency of payments is monthly but other options may be available.

Choice of settlement currency

Bango can make payments in either the transactional currency or convert to a different settlement currency as agreed in your Bango Settlement Agreement.