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Bango provide tools and support when needing to test your integration even when a payment provider is not ready to test. This allows the end to end process to be validated, ensuring business process alignment to implementation. The tools available allow this to be performed in a safe and secure way, being segregated and not impacting live routes and not the handling of actual money transfer for payment - in all other ways they are treated as normal transactions.


Bango use a system called TestPay which simulates a payment provider, configuring a route against it.

Configuring and Using TestPay

This is performed by Bango at the appropriate stage of integration with the Bango Platform.

Validating results with TestPay

Because these transactions are full system transactions (though with no money exchanged), they can be reviewed in the Bango Dashboard and Customer Care systems.

Testing with Payment Providers

Bango will facilitate end to end testing with the Payment Providers, if such provider has a separate test system or at least a segregated way of handling test transactions in their live system. The capabilities for payment provider testing are sometimes limited to what their system can and cannot support. Some payment providers will allow live transaction payments for test conditions, white-listing or otherwise segregating the test phone numbers (MSISDNs).