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This guide provides a series of recommended tests to verify successful integration of your system with Bango APIv5.

The guide and resources are designed to enable you to configure your system to generate known responses from the Bango platform. Covering success and error cases you can then verify that your system will behave in the correct way for each one - e.g. providing content / services, displaying the correct error messages, giving the user retry options etc.

To gain access to the API and complete successful testing you will need to:

  1. Request a set of test access credentials by contacting
  2. Download the test report template at the bottom of this page
  3. Idenitify Identify which tests are relevant to you. For example, which identification methods you need to support (based on the capability of the Payment Providers you will integrate with) or whether you will support partial refunds etc.
  4. Execute all the relevant tests from your server
  5. Send your completed test report to for review

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TestPay bangoUserIds

To use Bango's test payment provider 'TestPay' to test the billing scenarios you can generate UserIds using the details here.

Test report template